Brand Identity + UI/UX

PrEPTECH started as a study to help men who  identify as gay or transgender to receive free PrEP. During the second phase of the study, there was a need to rebrand to reach a new set of participants in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami areas. This study helped participants find a care provider in their city, and figure out what their needs with starting, receiving and staying on PrEP.


PrEP on your own terms


Direct Community Engagement

Human-centered design played a huge role in the design and launch of the second phase of the study. We worked directly with a Community Advisory Board in the four counties to understand the design problem and the users needs.


Designing for the Community

As the lead designer for the entire PrEPTECH campaign, I took all of the feedback from our Community Advisory Board to create a more engaging and inclusive design for the second phase.  The use of polaroid photos gave it a more personal feel to their experience obtaining PrEP. The user interface needed the most work as the site walks a patient through sign up, testing, and receiving medication. 

Making PrEP Accessible to All

We worked with a development team in India to build out the wireframes and prototypes. The whole process focused on a patient privacy and data security. We wanted a product that felt easy to use and focus on building a community.


Let's Get Social


The community centers in all four counties have access to downloadable content for their health clinics including social media outreach and printable materials.


More Work