User Interface + User Experience

HealthSmart is an ETR education curriculum that gives children and youth the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices and establish life-long healthy behaviors.


Lesson Planning Tool

Learning started to move into a digital space, and HealthSmart was being adapted to an online format for students and teachers to access. The biggest problem that our team had to solve was a tool that teachers could create a curriculum from HealthSmart materials. So, we came up with the Lesson Planning Tool. I was the lead UI and UX designer. We rapidly came up with a shopping like experience that allowed teachers and facilitators custom HealthSmart options.


Customizing the Experience

The Lesson Planning Tool is being integrated into the site, so as a teacher or facilitator browses, they can build their lesson directly from lesson they are reviewing. The challenge here was creating an experience for the users that had an existing account with already saved lessons, and for one that is completely new to the experience.